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    Complete Case Study

    Executive summary

    Complete Case Study
    Executive summary
    The Case for a Healthcare Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Database.
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Welcome to the Healthcare Sustainable Purchasing Index (HCSP)

Purchasing analytics to support the health of our communities

Each year, the healthcare industry spends over $300 billion on thousands of medical and non-medical products. With its tremendous purchasing strength, the healthcare industry has the power to influence the material choices, production practices and product disposal methods that directly impact the health of our communities and our environment.

The HCSP Index is a cloud-based solution providing healthcare systems and their suppliers with powerful analytics to accelerate the contracting and purchasing of products that deliver on clinical outcomes, cost savings, and positively contribute to the health of their communities and the environment.

Based on the existing Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products developed by industry Group Purchasing Organizations in collaboration with Practice Greenhealth, the HCSP Index collects and analyzes big data covering material choices, production and disposal of thousands of supplies. The resulting EPP analytics provide healthcare purchasing decision makers with tools to make fully informed purchasing choices and delivers the visibility and insights suppliers need to promote the positive environmental benefits of their products.
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Health Economics

The Promise Of Big Data, Revolutionizing Health Care Sustainability

The Four A's: Turning Big Data into useful information

For a Greener Supply Chain: Information Hospitals Can Actually Use

With MindClick, today's leaders are at the table with their suppliers, seeking solutions to produce products in ways that are better for the health and wellbeing of their customers, the environment, and the global community.


Accelerating the purchasing of products that deliver on clinical outcomes, cost savings, and positively contribute
to the health of our communities and the environment.


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Supporting the development of meaningful, usable and actionable EPP data analytics.

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